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Products: Immunodiffusion & Complement Fixation
Endo-Staph® Teichoic Acid Antibody (Purified Extract)
Endo-Staph<sup>®</sup> Teichoic Acid Antibody (Purified Extract)

Staphylococcal ribitol teichoic acid (purified extract). Endo-Staph® Teichoic Acid Antibody test is a standardized, semiquantitative screening procedure for antibodies to staphylococcal ribitol teichoic acid. High titers (>1:4) of precipitating antibody against staphylococcal ribitol teichoic acid are frequently observed in patients with endocarditis and other deep-seated infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus. A negative or low (<1:2) titer is important in suggesting an absence of underlying staphylococcal disease.

Product Details
Meridian Catalogue #: 290202
Kit Size 2 ml
Shelf Life from date of manufacture 36 Months
Storage Requirements 2°-8° C
Specimen Type Serum
Assay Format Immunodiffusion
CE Marked Yes
Hazardous Harmful – Sodium Azidearm
Country of Origin USA
Available Within/Outside USA Yes
Suggested CPT Code 86331
Weight 1
Results Interpretation
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