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Products: illumigene® Molecular Diagnostic System
illumigene® Mycoplasma Direct
illumigene Pertussis NEW molecular assay for the detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
M. pneumoniae has been associated with up to 40% of community-acquired pneumonias. Accurate diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumonia is critical to provide appropriate antibiotic therapy. illumigene® Mycoplasma Direct detects Mycoplasma pneumonia in throat swab specimens. illumigene® Mycoplasma Direct is ideal for enabling a more rapid diagnosis, providing earlier identification of outbreaks and prevention of secondary cases through implementation of control measures.
Product Details
Meridian Catalogue #: 280250
Kit Size 50 Tests
Shelf Life from date of manufacture 18 Months
Storage Requirements 2°- 27° C/External Controls 2°- 8° C
Specimen Type Throat Swab Specimens
Assay Format Isothermal DNA amplification
CE Marked Yes
Sensitivity 96.0%
Specificity 97.7%
Hazardous No
Country of Origin USA
Available Within/Outside USA Yes
Suggested CPT Code 87581
Results Interpretation By illumipro-10™ Incubator/Reader
Negative = No turbidity
Positive = Turbidity