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Diagnostic Tests for Influenza

Immunochromatagraphic Assay for influenza

The immunochromatographic assay detects viral antigens and can distinguish between flu A and B. It can return results in under 30 minutes and is easy to perform. The benefit of rapid testing has been supported by a number of studies:

  • The detection of flu A by EIA has a positive impact on medical management11
    • Fewer inappropriate antibiotics were prescribed for patients with positive results than with negative results
  • In children with flu-like symptoms, rapid testing promotes rational use of antivirals and reduces inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions12

TRU FLU® Closed System

Only Meridian’s TRU® tests offer the Closed System, which minimizes exposure to flu virus during test incubation and disposal. After the sample addition, the test is capped and remains capped all the way through disposal.

Because influenza virus is highly contagious, guidance from the CDC recommends lab coats, gloves, eye protection, and a facemask for all persons performing rapid flu tests. In laboratories the CDC recommends that viral diagnostics and research be conducted under a hood in a level II biosafety cabinet that protects against splashes and aerosols.13

TRU FLU® is ideal for testing under a hood because it is capped immediately after the sample is added and therefore not affected by hood airflow. In addition, when a hood is not available, TRU FLU® adds extra assurance that those conducting the test will not be exposed.

TRU FLU Closed System

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