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Human Trafficking Statement
What CPT code should I use for reimbursement for a particular assay?

CPT code recommendation are listed under each Meridian product in the "Diagnostic Products" section of this web site.

The reimbursement schedule can be found by accessing the CMS Website at

What is the reimbursement for a particular assay?

The reimbursement schedule can be found by accessing the CMS Website at

Can reagents be interchanged between lots?

Most reagents are lot-specific and test kits are optimized to be used as a whole. The package insert for each respective kit indicates which reagents are not lot-specific and can be interchanged.

With regard to proficiency samples, is the specimen handled like a patient sample, i.e., diluted, or run undiluted?

This could vary depending on the assay. The proficiency instructions will state how to test a sample, in general terms. There are exceptions noted in the instructions. If you have any questions on how proficiency samples are best tested using Meridian assays, contact Technical Support at 800-343-3858.

How should we handle a specimen type received that is not listed as an acceptable type in the package insert for the kit?

The best procedure would be to re-collect the proper specimen type. If an unapproved specimen type is used, the results should be reported with a disclaimer that the specimen type is outside of the manufacturer’s Package Insert instructions.

I have an ELx800 reader. How often should I use the calibration plate? What do I do when it is time for recalibration of the plate?

Calibration of the ELx800 should be performed monthly. The calibration plate   should be recertified yearly. To recertify the calibration plate call Technical Support at 800-343-3858.

How do I use the temperature probe to check the Stat Fax™?

The temperature probe plate has complete instructions for performing the Stat Fax calibration. Or, call Technical Support at 800-343-3858 for assistance.